Wisewoman Healing Services - Bringing you into balance

Kathina Obie , Founder of Wisewoman Healing Services , RN , Reiki Master , Spiritual Healer , Angel and Unicorn Healer
We hope you can find everything you need . Wisewoman healing services are committed to providing you with high-quality individualised service and care - we will do everything we can to meet your unique and specific needs .
With a variety of healing therapies to choose from , we're sure you'll find a healing treatment that will enable you to optimise your health and wellbeing . Treatments are specially designed and tailored to who you are because you matter !
Our therapies  include Reiki , Spiritual healing , Angel healing , Unicorn healing , Guided meditation and Visualisation , Intuitive card reading , Aromatherapy Massage and Specialist Nutritional Therapy for vegetarians / vegans  with new services being added on a regular basis .
Our aim is to offer you a fully refreshing and uplifting experience that will bring you into inner and outer balance and alignment with who you truly are as your authentic self . We hope that your experience with our service will bring you to a place of  deep inner  peace , tranquillity and stillness .
Do feel free to explore our site and check back later for new updates ! We value and appreciate your interest in the holistic world of the healing arts .

Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners . A professional organisation for complementary therapists . Members must be properly qualified and insured and work to uphold the associations code of ethics and conduct .UK healers are the largest regulating body for professional healers in the UK . All members must be suitably qualified and insured and work to a strict code of ethics / conduct . Members must keep up to date and act in the best intersts of their patients / clients . All UK Healers will have undergone a minimum 2 year professional healing training .